This list of power transistors represents hard to find device types that have been produced by manufacturers who have discontinued or limited their production. These types have been designed into many older OEM systems which will function best with replacement devices that use manufacturing technology close or equal to the original technology. PowerTech produces devices using the single-diffused (hometaxial®) and triple-diffused processes, which most closely equal or improve upon the original manufacturers' technologies. These process technologies yield parts which are extremely rugged and should allow the system to have the reliability equal or superior to the original design. These replacement devices represent types formerly produced by Solitron, Powerex (formerly Westinghouse), Solid Power Corporation, Silicon Transistor Corporation, and ®RCA.

PowerTech can also provide custom designs to replace other types. For additional information please contact us via email at

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Table 3

Replacement transistors used in older Unholtz-Dickie linear power supplies