Historic Bell Telephone Laboratories Monographs

(B-1625) Positive Holes and the Transistor - A group of papers, as follows:

Interpretation of Dependence of Resistivity of Germanium on Electric Field (E.J. Ryder and W. Shockley)

The Double-Surface Transistor (John N. Shive)

Investigation of Hole Injection in Transistor Action (J.R. Haynes and W. Shockley)

(B-1650) Electrical Properties of Pure Silicon and Silicon Alloys Containing Boron and Phosphorous (G.I. Pearson and J. Bardeen)

(B-1659) Physical Principals Involved in Transistor Action (J. Bardeen and W.H. Brattain)

(1726) An introduction and a group of papers, as follows:

Hole Injection in Germanium-Quantitative Studies and Filamentary Transistors (W. Shockley, G.I. Pearson and J.R. Haynes)

Some Circuit Aspects of the Transistor (R.M. Ryder and R.J. Kircher)

Theory of Transient Phenomena in the Transport of Holes in an Excess Semiconductor (Conyers Herring)

On the Theory of the A.C. Impedance of a Contact Rectifier (J. Bardeen)

The Theory of p-n Junctions in Semiconductors and p-n Junction Transistors (W. Shockley)

(1785) Holes and Electrons (Willaim Shockley)

(1813) Theory of the Flow of Electrons and Holes in Germanium and Other Semiconductors (W. van Roosbroeck)

(1847) The Mobility and Life of Injected Holes and Electrons in Germanium (J.R. Haynes and W. Shockley)

(1932) Transistor Circuit Design (Gordon Raisbeck)

(1934) A group of papers, as follows:

Mobilities of Electrons in High Electric Fields (E.J. Ryder and W. Shockley)

Measurement of Hole Diffusion in n-Type Germanium (F.S. Goucher)

Growth of Germanium Single Crystals Containing p-n Junctions (G.K. Teal, M. Sparks and E. Buehler)

Theory and Experiment for a Germanium p-n Junction (F.S. Goucher, G.L. Pearson, M. Sparks, G.K. Teal and W. Shockley)

p-n Junction Rectifier and Photo-Cell (W.J. Pientenpol)

(1972) Two papers, as follows:

A Review of the Bell Laboratories Digital Computer Developments (E.G. Andrews)

The Transistor as a Digital Computer Component (J.H. Felker)

(2000) Principles of Zone-Melting (W.G. Pfann)

(2022) Statistics of the Recombinations of Holes and Electrons (W. Shockley and W.T. Read, Jr.}

(2027) Electrical Noise in Semiconductors (H.C. Montgomery)

(2046) Typical Block Diagrams for a Transistor Digital Computer (J.H. Felker)

(2058) An Optical Position Encoder and Digit Register (H.G. Follingstad, J.N. Shive and H.E. Yaeger)

(2061) Properties of Silicon and Germanium (Esther M. Conwell)

(2063) Transistor Noise in Circuit Applications (H.C. Montgomery)

(2064) Silicon p-n Junction Alloy Diodes (G.L. Pearson and B. Sawyer)

(2068) Interpretation of à-Values in p-n Junction Transistors (F.S. Goucher and M.B. Prince)

(2078) Regenerative Amplifier for Digital Computer Applications (J.H. Felker)

(2088) A Transistor Shift Register and Serial Adder (James R. Harris)

(2092) Transistors in Switching Circuits (A. Eugene Anderson)

(2093) Dynamics of Transistor Negative-Resistance Circuits (B.G Farle)

(2094) Measurement of Minority Carrier Lifetime in Germanium (L.B. Valdes)

(2097) Effects of Space-Charge Layer Widening in Junction Transistors (J.M. Early)

(2099) Four Terminal p-n-p-n Transistors (J.J. Ebers)

(2156) Space-Charge Limited Emission in Semiconductors (W. Shockley and R.C. Prim)

(2159) Mobility of Holes and Electrons in High Electric Fields (E.J. Ryder)

(2162) Electron Multiplication in Silicon and Germanium (K.G. McKay and K.B. McAfee)

(2165) The Transport of Added Current Carriers in a Homogenous Semiconductor (W. van Roosbroeck)

(2172) Chemical Effects Due to the Ionization of Impurities in Semiconductors (H. Reiss)

(2189) Equilibrium Thermochemistry of Solid and Liquid Alloys of Germanium and of Silicon. II -The Retrograde Solid Solubilities of Sb in Ge, Cu in Ge and Cu in Si (C.D. Thurmond and J.D. Struthers)

(2193) Effect of Nickel and Copper Impurities on the Recombination of Holes and Electrons in Germanium (J.A. Burton, G.W. Hull, F.J. Morin and J.C. Severiens)

(2197) Semiconductor Diode Gates (L.W. Hussey)

(2201) Design Theory of Junction Transistors (J.M. Early)

(2210) Equilibrium Thermochemistry of Solid and Liquid Alloys of Germanium and of Silicon. I - The Solubility of Ge and Si in Elements of Groups III, IV and V (Carl D. Thurmond)

(2217) Transistor Physics (W. Shockley)

(2231) The Distribution of Solute in Crystals Grown from the Melt (Part I - J.A. Burton, R.C. Prim, and W.P. Slichter) (Part II - J.A. Burton, E.D. Kolb, W.P. Slichter, and J.D. Struthers)

(2244) P-N-I-P and N-P-I-N Junction Transistor Triodes (J.M. Early)

(2253) Solid State Electronics (K.K. Darrow)

(2263) Transistor Reliability Studies (R.M. Ryder and W.R. Sittner)

(2280) Negative Resistance Arising from Transit Time in Semiconductor Diodes (W. Shockley)

(2292) Avalanche Breakdown in Silcon (K.G. McKay)

(2307) Theory of Electron Multiplication in Silicon and Germanium (P.A. Wolff)

(2325) Radioactive and Photoelectric p-n Junction Power Sources (W.G. Pfann and W. van Roosbroeck)

(2342) Electrical Properties of Silicon Containing Arsenic and Boron (F.J. Morin and J.P. Maita)

(2362) Plastic Deformation of Germanium and Silicon by Torsion (E.S. Greiner)

(2368) Trapping of Minority Carriers in Silicon (Part I: P-Type Silicon - J.A. Hornbeck and J.R. Haynes) (Part II: N-Type Silicon - J.R. Haynes and J.A. Hornbeck)

(2387) Theory of the Thermoelectric Power of Semiconductors (C. Herring)

(2399) Hyperfine Splitting of Donor States in Silicon (W. Kohn and J.M. Luttinger)

(2411) Injected Current Carrier Transport in a Semi-Infinite Semiconductor and the Determination of Lifetimes and Surface Recombination Velocities (W. van Roosback)

(2412) Surface Properties of Semiconductors (W.H. Brattain and C.G.B. Garrett)

(2419) Silicon Solar Energy Converters (M.B. Prince)

(2446) Pressure Dependence of the Resistivity of Silicon (William Paul and G.L. Pearson)

(2449) Impurity Centers in Ge and Si (J.A. Burton)

(2453) Physical Theory of Semiconductor Surfaces (C.G.B. Garrett and W.H. Brattain)

(2465) Silicon n-p-n Grown Junction Transistors (M.Tanenbaum, L.B. Valdes, E. Buehler and N.B. Hannay)

(2473) Seebeck Effect in Silicon (T.H. Geballe and G.W. Hull)

(2477) Avalanche Breakdown in Germanium (S.L. Miller)

(2489) Two papers, as follows:

On the Melting Point of Germanium (F.X. Hassion, C.D. Thurmond and F.A. Trumbore)

On the Germanium-Silicon Phase Diagram (F.X. Hassion, A.J. Goss and F.A. Trumbore)

(2500) Effect of Water Vapor on Grown Germanium and Silicon p-n Junction Units (J.T. Law & P.S. Meigs)

(2534) Lifetime of Electrons in p-type Silicon (G. Bamski)

(2546) Photovoltaic Noise in Silicon Broad Area p-n Junction (G.F. Gianole)

(2549) Diffused Emitter and Base Silicon Transistors (M. Tanenbaum and D.E. Thomas)

(2555) Noise in Silicon p-n Junction Photocells (G.L. Pearson, H.C. Montgomery and W.L. Feldmann)

(2557) High-Frequency Silicon-Aluminum Alloy Junction Diodes (M.B. Prince)

(2575) Dependence of Transistor Parameters on the Distribution of Base Layer Resistivity (J.L. Moll)

(2589) Some Experiments on, and a Theory of, Surface Breakdown (C.G.B. Garrett and W.H. Brattain)

(2595) Electrolytic Stream Etching of Germanium (Miles V. Sullivan and John H. Eigler)

(2600) Adsorption of Gases on a Silicon Surface (J.T. Law and E.E. Francois)

(2603) Influence of Holes and Electrons on the Solubility of Lithium in Boron-Doped Silicon (Howard Reiss and C.S. Fuller)

(2604) Factors Affecting Reliability of Alloy Junction Transistors (A.J. Wahl and J.J. Kleimack)

(2611) Electrolytic Shaping of Germanium and Silicon (A. Uhlir, Jr.)

(2612) Transistor Circuits for Analog and Digital Systems (F.H. Blecher)

(2615) D-C Graphical Analysis of Junction Transistor Flip-Flops (T.R. Bashkow)

(2619) Photon Emission from Avalanche Breakdown in Silicon (A.G. Chynoweth and K.G. McKay)

(2622) Radiation Resulting from Recombination of Holes and Electrons in Silicon (J.R. Haynes and W.C. Westphal)

(2629) The Forward Characteristics of the PIN Diode (D.A. Kleinman)

(2633) Diffused p-n Junction Silicon Rectifiers (M.B. Prince)

(2638) p-n Junction Theory by the Method of d -Functions (Howard Reiss)

(2651) Diffusion of Donor and Acceptor Elements in Silicon (C.S. Fuller and J.A. Ditzenberger)

(2668) p-n Junctions in Semiconductors by Variation of Crystal Growth Parameters (H.G. Bridgers)

(2681) Quenched-In Recombination Centers in Silicon (G. Bemski)

(2682) Interference Microscope for Measurement of Extremely Thin Surface Layers (W.L. Bond and F.M. Smits)

(2685) Power Regulation by Semiconductors (F.H. Chase)

(2700) Theory of Ionization of Hydrogen and Lithium in Silicon and Germanium (H. Reiss)

(2704) Two-Terminal p-n Junction Devices for Frequency Conversion and Computation (A. Uhlir, Jr.)

(2705) Avalanche Breakdown Voltage in Silicon Diffused p-n Junctions (H.S. Veloric, M.B. Prince and M.J. Eder)

(2719) Surface Energies in Superconductors (H.W. Lewis)

(2722) Diffusion of Aluminum in Single-Crystal Silicon (R.C. Miller and A. Savage)

(2723) p-n-p-n Transistor Switches (J.L. Moll, M. Tanenbaum, J.M. Goldey and N. Holonyak)

(2735) Noise in a High-Frequency Diode (P.K. Tien and J. Moshman)

(2738) Dislocation Etch Pits in Silicon Crystals (F.L. Vogel, Jr. and L.C. Lovell)

(2740) Carrier Lifetime in Indium Antimonide (G.K. Wertheim)

(2754) Measurement of Short Carrier Lifetimes (G.K. Wertheim and W.M. Augustyniak)

(2762) Removal of Boron from Silicon by Hydrogen Water Vapor Treatment (H.C. Theuerer)

(2775) Five Metal Hydrides as Alloying Agents on Silicon (M.V. Sullivan and J.H. Eigler)

(2776) A Metal-Semiconductor Capacitor (R.L. Taylor and H.E. Haring)

(2789) Diffusion and Electrical Behavior of Zinc in Silicon (C.S. Fuller and F.J. Morin)

(2794) Ionization Rates for Holes and Electrons in Silicon (S.L. Miller)

(2808) Electroless Nickel Plating for Making Ohmic Contacts to Silicon (M.V. Sullivan and J.H. Eigler)

(2811) Silicon Diffused Junction "Avalanche" Diodes (H.S. Veloric and K.D. Smith)

(2840) Energy Levels in Electron-Bombarded Silicon (G.K. Wertheim)

(2865) High-Voltage Conductivity-Modulated Silicon Rectifier (H.S. Veloric and M.B. Prince)

(2870) Contribution to the Floating Zone Refining of Silicon (E. Buehler)

(2871) Internal Field Emission in Silicon p-n Junctions (A.G. Chynoweth and K.G. McKay)

(2912) Annealing of Electron Bombardment Damage in Silicon Crystals (G. Bemski and W.M. Augustyniak)

(2913) Threshold Energy for Electron-Hole Pair-Production by Electrons in Silicon (A.G. Chynoweth and K.G. McKay)

(2923) Ultrasonic Propagation in Liquids (H.J. McSkimin)

(2927) Heat Treatment of Silicon Using Zone-Heating Techniques (H.C. Theuerer, J.M. Whelan, H.E. Bridgers and E. Buehler)

(2933) Deformation and Fracture of Small Silicon Crystals (G.L. Pearson, W.T. Read, Jr. and W.L. Feldmann)

(2944) Conductivity Mobilities of Electrons and Holes in Heavily Doped Silicon (G. Backenstoss)

(2945) Lifetime in Pulled Silicon Crystals (C.A. Bittmann and G. Bemski)

(2946) Field Emission from Silicon (L.A. D'Asaro)

(2949) Effect of Heat Treatment upon Electrical Properties of Silicon Crystals (C.S. Fuller and R.A. Logan)

(2954) Effect of Oxygen on Etch-Pit Formation in Silicon (R.A. Logan and A.J. Peters)

(2962) Optical Measurement of Film Growth on Silicon and Germanium Surfaces (R.J. Archer)

(2969) Interaction of Oxygen with Clean Silicon Surfaces (J.T. Law)

(2978) Ion Pairing in Silicon (J.P. Malta)

(2989) A Proposed High-Frequency, Negative-Resistance Diode (W.T. Read, Jr.)

(2997) Thermal Capture of Electrons in Silicon (H. Gummel and M. Lax)

(3015) Ionization Rates for Electrons and Holes in Silicon (A.G. Chynoweth)

(3039) Conversion of Solar to Electrical Energy (G.L. Pearson)

(3041) Junction Delineation in Silicon by Gold Chemiplating (S.J. Silverman and D.R. Benn)

(3060) Diffused Silicon Diodes - Design, Characteristics, and Aging Data (H.E. Hughes, J.H. Wiley and P. Zuk)

(3062) Designing Low-Level High-Speed Semiconductor Logic Circuits (W.B. Cagle and W.H. Chen)

(3065) Transistor Characteristics for Direct-Coupled Transistor Logic Circuits (J.W. Easley)

(3067) Sticking Probabilities of Gases Chemisorbed on the Surfaces of Solids (P. Kisliuk)

(3070) Electrical Characteristics of Silicon p-n-p-n Triodes (I.M. Mackintosh)

(3107) Electropolishing Silicon in Hydrofluoric Acid Solutions (D.R. Turner)

(3119) Rate Limitation for Impurity Diffusion in Semiconductors (F.M. Smits and R.C. Miller)

(3127) The Time Lag in Diffusion (H.L. Frisch)

(3130) Theory for Voltage-Current Characteristics of p-n Junctions (J.L. Moll)

(3131) Measurement of Internal Temperature Rise of Transistors (J.T. Nelson and J.E. Iwersen)

(3133) Surface Melt Patterns on Silicon (G.L. Pearson and R.G. Treuting)

(3136) Formation of Junction Structures by Solid-State Diffusion (F.M. Smits)

(3137) Junction Transistor Short-Circuit Current Gain and Phase Determination (D.E. Thomas and J.L. Moll)

(3170) Effect of Dislocations on Breakdown in Silicon p-n Junctions (A.G. Chynoweth and G.L. Pearson)

(3179) Factors Determining Oxygen Content of Liquid Silicon at Its Melting Point (W. Kaiser and J. Breslin)

(3184) Gold in Silicon (G. Bemski and J.D. Struthers)

(3189) Breakdown in Silicon (B. Senitzky and J.L. Moll)

(3190) Recombination Properties of Gold in Silicon (G. Bemski)

(3191) Certain Chemical Treatments and Ambient Atmospheres on Surface Properties of Silicon (T.M. Buck and F.S. McKim)

(3196) Diffusion Control in Silicon by Carrier Gas Composition (C.J. Frosch and L. Derick)

(3198) Adsorption Spectrum of Arsenic Doped Silicon (H.J. Hrostowski and R.H. Kaiser)

(3199) Mechanism of Formation of Donor States in Heat-Treated Silicon (W. Kaiser, H.L. Frisch and H. Reiss)

(3204) Analysis of Base Resistance for Alloy Junction Transistors (A.J. Wahl)

(3248) Diffusion of Impurities into Evaporating Silicon (R.L. Batdorf and F.M. Smits)

(3254) Stabilization of Silicon Surfaces by Thermally Grown Oxides (M.M. Atalla, E. Tannenbaum and E.J. Scheibner)

(3282) Interactions Between Solutes in Germanium and Silicon (C.S. Fuller)

(3290) Millimicrosecond Diffused Silicon Computer Diodes (J.H. Forster and P. Zuk)

(3291) Design and Characteristics of a Diffused Silicon Logic Amplifier Transistor (L.E. Miller)

(3294) Comparison of Neutron Damage in Germanium and Silicon Transistors (J.W. Easley)

(3297) Stored Charge Method of Transistor Base Transit Analysis (L.J. Varnerin)

(3304) Growth of Metal Whiskers on Electrical Components (S.M. Arnold)

(3318) Adsorption of Oxygen on Silicon and Tungsten (J. Eisinger and J.T. Law)

(3322) Nitrogen in Silicon (W. Kaiser and C.D. Thurmond)

(3363) The Solubility of Oxygen in Silicon (H.J. Hrostowski and R.H. Kaiser)

(3365) Uniform Resistivity p-Type Silicon by Zone Leveling (E.D. Kolb and M. Tanenbaum)

(3379) Some Aspects of Vacuum Deposition of Metals in Transistor Fabrication (R.J. Gnaedinger, Jr.)

(3388) Electron Spin Resonance Experiments on Donors in Silicon (G. Feher and E.A. Gere)

(3391) Adsorption of Hydrogen on Silicon (J.T. Law)

(3403) Recovery Time of p-n-p-n Diodes (A.N. Baker, J. M. Goldey and I.M. Ross)

(3409) Radiation Effects in Semiconductors (T.H. Geballe)

(3413) Electroplating Metal Contacts on Germanium and Silicon (D.R. Turner)

(3420) Annealing of Radiation Defects in Semiconductors (W.L. Brown, W.M. Augustyniak and T.R. Waite)

(3436) Control Chart Tests Based on Geometric Moving Averages (S.W. Roberts)

(3439) Junction Delineation on Silicon in Electrochemical Displacement Plating Solutions (D.R. Turner)

(3443) Electron-Bombardment Damage in Oxygen-Free Silicon (G.K. Wertheim and D.N.E. Buchanan)

(3444) Cleaning of Silicon Surfaces by Heating in High Vacuum (F.G. Allen, J. Eisinger, H.D. Hagstrum and J.T. Law)

(3445) Diffusion of Aluminum, Magnesium, Silicon and Zirconium in Nickel (H.W. Allison and H. Samelson)

(3465) Diffusion-Controlled Reactions in Solids (H. Reiss)

(3467) One-Watt Solar Power Plant (D.H. Smith)

(3475) Electrical Properties of Gold-Doped Diffused Silicon Computer Diodes (A.E. Bakanowski and J.H. Forster)

(3482) Germanium and Silicon Liquidus Curves (C.D. Thurmond and M. Kowalchik)

(3676) Uniformity of Junctions in Diffused Silicon Devices (L.E. Miller)

(3690) Choice of Electrodes in Study and Use of Ceramic Semiconducting Oxides (H.A. Sauer and S.S. Flaschen)

(3695) On the Mechanism of Chemically Etching Germanium and Silicon (D.R. Turner)

(3699) P-Layers on Vacuum Heated Silicon (F.G. Allen, T.M. Buck and J.T. Law)

(3700) Reactions of Group III Acceptors with Oxygen in Silicon Crystals (C.S. Fuller, F.H. Doleiden and K.B. Wolfstirn)

(3704) Diffusion and Oxide Masking in Silicon by the Box Method (L.A. D'Asaro)

(3733) Stability of Thermally Oxidized Silicon Junctions in Wet Atmospheres (M.M Atalla, A.R. Bray and R. Lindner)

(3785) Stain Films on Silicon (R.J. Archer)

(3789) Surface Measurements on Freshly Cleaved Silicon p-n Junctions (G.W. Gobeli and F.G. Allen)

(3806) Digital Simulation in Research on Human Communication (E.E. David, Jr.)

(3807) Recombination Radiation from Silicon under Strong-Field Conditions (L.W. Davies and A.R. Storm, Jr.)

(3836) Excess Tunnel Current in Silicon Esaki Junctions (A.G. Chynoweth, W.L. Feldmann and R.A. Logan)

(3851) Acid Gold Plating (R.A. Ehrhardt)

(3853) Surface Properties of Vacuum Cleaned Silicon (J.T. Law)

(3857) Mechanisms for Silicon Oxidation in Steam and Oxygen (J.R. Ligenza and W.G. Spitzer)

(3859) Hole and Electron Mobilities in Doped Silicon (K.B. Wolfstirn)

(3876) Residual Thermoelastic Stresses in Bonded Silicon Wafers (T.D. Riney)

(3877) Space Charge in Semiconductors (C.E. Young)

(3915) Control in Transistor Converter Circuits by Means of R-C Networks (F.V. Kadri)

(3922) Kinetics of Donor Reactions in Oxygen-Doped Germanium (C.S. Fuller)

(3925) Detailed Analysis of Thin Phosphorous-Diffused Layers in P-Type Silicon (E. Tannenbaum)

(3930) Field Emission from Si and Ge; Field Desorption and Surface Migration (F.G. Allen)

(3944) Gallium Arsenide Esaki Diodes for High-Frequency Applications (C.A. Burrus)

(3946) Ionization Behavior of Donors Formed from Oxygen in Germanium (C.S. Fuller and F.H. Doleiden)

(3963) Epitaxial Silicon Films by the Hydrogen Reduction of SiCl4 (H.C. Theuerer)

(3968) Oxygen Adsorption on Silicon and Germanium (H.D. Hagstrum)

(3981) Electron Bombardment Damage in Silicon Esaki Diodes (R.A. Logan, W.M. Augustyniak and J.F. Gilbert)

(3987) Electroluminescence at p-n Junctions in Gallium Phosphide (M. Gershenzon and R.M. Mikulyak)

(3997) Current-Carrier Transport with Space Charge in Semiconductors (W. van Roosbroeck)

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